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Feb. 16th, 2019 - Edited to add - 15ml bottles are now back in stock!


Have you had time to check out the site for new products & restocked listings? Not to worry, I'll link the new products down below - but first - I have to inform you of the news over why our 15 ml bottles (in both Cuticle Guard & Miracle Growth) are unavailable, despite the restock on Feb. 1st...


Many of you have asked when I would be restocking the 15 ml square bottles that hold both Miracle Growth cuticle oil or Glitter UP! cuticle guard... more than I thought would even notice, if I'm being quite honest! (Beyond blessed).

Unfortunately, I do not know when exactly those will be stocked as the supplier is currently not selling our cubic 15 ml bottles at the moment. Don't fret! I have looked (& looked and LOOKED) into other distributors of our iconic cube shaped bottle & found a few potential possibilities. I have since ordered a few samples in regards of viewing the quality first hand & will then choose which one to work with. Until then, I will only be offering the oil in 3 ml pens & 9 ml bottles. The cuticle guard will only be available in 9ml bottles. I thank you all in advance for understanding!




Now, to the good stuff - - the NEW stuff 😎

Aside from restocking items like the sugar scrubs, Atmos Cuticle Butter, & adding the Gaea Box exclusive listings from the last preorder, we have added a few new items.


First up is Ubasti Perfume Oil. It is available in four delightful floral fragrances & has a fast absorbing carrier oil that won't float above your skin, or cause staining to your clothes.


Next up is the Berry Tipsy Terra Stick. This product is related to our Terra Crumbles soap scrub squares, but placed into a convenient .5 oz tube. Allowing on the go use.


The third product is one that debuted in the Galentines Box collab I was in, just not in that box exclusive scent! (What would be the point in that?!) This hydrating cuticle balm stick is in a standard .15 oz tube & scented like my favorite fruit - black cherries!




There is SO MUCH more in queue waiting to be exploited (haha). I cannot wait to share those with you as well. As always, all our products are cruelty free & vegan friendly!


 Let me know what product you're most excited for & what new scents you'd like these said products to be offered in! 

Lastly, if you've made it this far... here is a lovely little coupon code to use through to Feb. 5th at 11:59pm cst. Use "vday20" for 20% off your ENTIRE cart. Enjoy.

Happy Nourishing! 

Photo credit respectively, in part, goes to 

Chloé of @nailsbygreengirl13131313 

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