We are "Atmos" Ready for Fall! + The Old, the New, & the Returning.

Months have gone by & you've been waiting patiently... until a few weeks ago that is, when the inquiries became almost constant. "When are you bringing Atmos Cuticle Butter back, Kass?" ...

Well, I am proud to divulge that Atmos Cuticle Butter is not only back, but IMPROVED & still comes in the same, authentic Atmos double walled jar. It will still carry our shifting vinyl flower logo on it, not to worry!
That is not all - we are also bringing out a NEW product. Sphere is the well rounded creme your skin never knew it needed!


Atmos + Sphere will be sold alone as well as in duo kits for those wanting to try both, with a small discount atop of such an already great price!

Aside from all that hoopla, comes another new product that helps fight against dryness. Our Sun Drops ~ Acetone Additive helps restrict the amount of harshness that acetone brings your skin when used.

The best part? They all release in a few hours - Monday September 23rd - the first day of Autumn. They include both new & old fall scents, too. So go check them out & let us know what you think!

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