Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Cuticle oil “do’s” & “don’ts” + Application Tips:

Cuticle oil has a shelf life of 12 months. Please be sure to store it in a dry, cool place. Apply over your cuticles when your skin is dry - and free of any other fluids/dirt that could cause your bristles to grow mold - so make sure you apply to clean skin!

Ensure you apply when the oil is cooled and not when it’s been left in the sun, for example - as it can get hot.

You can apply this with or without nail polish on. Apply on your cuticles as well as the under sides (in the back of your nails) as often as possible, but we recommend at least twice daily.

Rub into your cuticles in circular motions. This creates healthy blood flow and promotes healthier skin production - making cuticles happy. Happy cuticles make way for healthy nails!



  • Does your nail stamper come already “primed”?

We do not prime our Stampivator beforehand.

Not all stampers are created equal. Furthermore, It’s important to note that NOT all stampers need priming;

Therefore, we would advise to ONLY attempt to prime a stamper if it doesn’t work - or it stops working after a while - using the adequate priming instructions per stamper type.
  • How long does nail growth take to achieve?

 Reminder that everybody is different therefore results vary from person to person. No two people are alike, (but how awesome is that, though? 💞) !! 

Results also depend on numerous factors such as weather conditions 🥶,
health conditions,
vitamin deficits,
a low daily water volume intake 💧,
down to any prescriptions you may be taking that can cause brittle nails for example, & so on.

> Please note: Our products are NOT meant to replace anything prescribed to you by your practitioner.

Our products are meant to help ✨enhance✨ what you already do with your daily life. Implementing this to your skin care routine will definitely work as long as you vow to maintain that routine.

Patience is encouraged + needed as nails grow from the cuticle outwards at it’s own pace.
Nail breaks are totally normal; you’re growing damaged nail out until the healthier bit of nail starts to reach the free edge & that’s perfectly okay!

You got this. ❤


~   ~   ~ 


Is your question not on here? Email us at Info@KNIBeautyAndBath.com and we’ll answer it for you. Your question may even make it to our list!


Happy Nourishing, 

the K.N.I. Beauty & Bath team.