Our Contribution to the “Polished Gamers” Box - August 2022

Polished Gamers Box wording


What exactly is the Polished Gamers Box? Good question! Let’s get into that as well as what a collaborative indie box is, exactly. ℹ️

An indie brand is a term for an independently owned, small business like ours. A collaborative indie box is usually offered by pre-order and is a collaboration between a group of indie makers. Please note that Rules, themes, and sales dates, etc vary depending on the box. There are plenty of fun ones out there and each are run and operated differently.

The Polished Gamers Box is themed around games. 🎮 Whether it’s board games, mobile, consoles, and/or PC - this box has it all! Every month is inspired around a game and the game for the month of August is none other than Kirby! 💗✨

 Now that we have the pleasantries out of the way, let me delve into why you are going to want to grab your hands on one of these cuties..

One of Kirby’s favorite foods in the anime world, were watermelons. So much so, villains knew it was Kirby's weakness; they would try to lure Kirby into traps with whole watermelons  🪤.

Anime Kirby Swallowing a Watermelon Whole

We will be offering our Sphere Moisturizing Cuticle/Hand Creme scented in Watermelon Temptation 🍉 through the Polished Gamers Box sales dates of August 15th through August 20th, 2022. Each airless pump will cost $8.88 and there will be a cap of only 25 available.


Sphere is a well rounded, hydrating cream perfect for cuticles, hands, and body put into a nifty, travel friendly *airless* pump/dispenser.✨


Made from scratch, our vegan cream is made of nourishing vitamins and nutrients that your cuticles/skin is sure to absorb and love. 🌸💖



  •  *What does it mean for the pump to be “airless”?

An airless pump means instead of trying to transport your cream from an annoying plastic tube, up out your container - this pump squeezes ALL the product UP ⬆️, enabling you to grab every last bit! And The best part?? - it’s REFILLABLE! Be sure to check out more of our Sphere cuticle/hand creme scents available on our own website by clicking here.


Let us know if you will be grabbing this cuticle/hand creme and what other things you look forward to grabbing at this month's PGB!

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