Our Contribution to the “Polished Gamers” Box - April 2022

Polished Gamers Box wording

Well, well, well… the time has finally come to hop right back in to collaborative boxes once again. (YAY!) One of the ones dear to our heart for the month of April was Polished Gamers Box. Why? Good question! Let’s get into that as well as what a collaborative indie box is, exactly. ℹ️

An indie brand is a term for an independently owned, small business like ours. A collaborative indie box is usually offered by pre-order and is a collaboration between a group of indie makers. Please note that Rules, themes, and sales dates, etc vary depending on the box. There are plenty of fun ones out there and each are run and operated differently.

Polished Gamers box is themed around games. 🎮 Whether it’s board games, mobile, consoles, and/or PC - this box has it all! Every month is inspired around a game and the game for the month of April is none other than Animal X-ing (Remastered)!

 PGB April 2022 Theme

What does “Remastered” mean? Well, just like when they remaster an actual game in this day and age - it means offering the exact same game as the original, with small changes that reflect hardware improvements. Being that this theme has been used before, they wanted to re-use the theme but with new added contributions. How fun is that? 😁

We may have missed out the first round, but not this time! We put our two loves together and got the perfect contribution for this box, we're certain of it! 😌

Inspired by the catchable cherry blossom petals that float around the island during the first week of April in the Northern hemisphere, our Sphere Moisturizing Creme is scented in Cherry Blossom. 🌸

 Limited Edition Sphere Moisturizing Creme for PGB

This Polished Gamers Box contribution is limited edition and only available for the month of April 2022.

This limited edition Sphere Moisturizing Creme will be available for pre-order on the Polished Gamers site during the live shop dates of 4/15-4/20 for $8.88 usd plus shipping. Each come in our nifty, travel friendly 1 oz airless dispenser pump. 🧴


No net is needed to catch one of these 🤓😌 BUT there is a cap of 25 however, meaning that once those 25 are accounted for - that's all there will be available...EVER! 🙀



Let us know in the comments below what your favorite villager is and if you're as equally excited about this exclusive product as we are!



A huge thanks to Kenia of @CurlyCutieCle for providing photo(s) of our Polished Gamers Box April 2022 contribution.


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