Our Contribution to the "Smidgen of Us" Box - April 2022

Let's start off by saying: The month of April is a special one for many reasons! Special dates and people to celebrate aside, When we saw the theme for the “Smidgen of Us” box for April, we were all for it! 🤩

Smidgen of Us is a pre-order box comprised of a group of indie makers. Every month has its own theme. The theme for the month of April was one I knew we’d love to be a part of. Being a very spiritual being, the theme of Gemstones caught our eye. 💎 


✨ We chose Moonstone as our inspiration. ✨

Moonstone is known as a stone for “new beginnings”, Moonstone is a stone of inner growth and strength. Moonstone enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, success and good fortune in love and business matters. Moonstone cultivates compassion and empathy. It is said to help us balance and cool down emotions and tension.


For our contribution, we have scented our Sphere Moisturizing Creme in Moonstone - a lovely concoction of teas, lavender, bergamot, star anise, jasmine, violet, ylang ylang, heliotrope, sandalwood, oakmoss, musk, amber, and vanilla.

Limited Edition Sphere Moisturizing Creme for Smidgen of Us - April 2022

The 1 oz airless pump is limited edition and exclusive contribution to the Smidgen of Us box. Wishlisting starts the 19th and will only be available for pre-order starting 4/23 at 11am est through to 4/30 11pm est for $8.88 usd. There will be a cap of 25 of these lovely enchanting creams available.

 More reasons on why these airless dispenser pumps are

A M A Z I N G 🤩 :


✨ 🔮 📿 🧿 ✨ 🔮 📿 🧿 ✨


Let us know in the comment section below what your favorite stone is, and if you're as excited about this special contribution as much as we are! 🙏🏼


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