Our Contribution to the "Smidgen of Us" Box - August 2022


ℹ️ Smidgen of Us is a pre-order box comprised of a group of indie makers. Every month has its own theme. Loving all things Fall/Halloween, (as it's one of my favorite seasons), the theme for the month of August was one I knew we’d love to be a part of. 👻


Kettle Corn - Smidgen of Us - August 2022


For our contribution, we went with our guts, quite literally 🤭, and decided on a perfect Fall time Snack scent for our Sphere Moisturizing Creme - Kettle Corn. 🫶🏼



Who doesn't love kettle corn?! This is an aromatic “treat” of freshly-popped popcorn drizzled with brown sugar & syrupy molasses then hit with a dash of salt. A unique, delicious scent for all ages!


🧴 This Cuticle/Hand cream has all the vitamins, anti-oxidants, etc your body loves and needs! With ingredients such as cocoa butter, jojoba, vitamin e, sweet almond, avocado oil, coconut, sunflower, and etc. inspired and scented in “Kettle Corn” , this will be sure to leave you feeling refreshed and ready for anything!

One last thing worth mentioning is this pump dispenser is airless. What does it mean for the pump to be “airless”?

Not only is this dispenser ✨ refillable ✨, it also doesn’t have the plastic tube to try & suction up product. 🙅🏼‍♀️ Instead, it has a mechanism that pushes product 🆙! This ensures you get to use ALL the product, missing not even one drop! 🧴 

This exclusive contribution will be $8.88 per treat and capped at 25, meaning there are only 25 available. Although wish listing for these starts on August 19th, they will only be available for pre-ordering through the Smidgen of Us sales dates of August 23rd through to August 30th, 2022.


Will you be grabbing some "kettle corn" goodness in your halloween haul this season? 🧴

Let us know in the comments below what your go-to autumn snacks are! 🍬

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