The Rose Collection - Nail Vinyls in collaboration with @Creatively_Danielle

A Look Behind "The Rose Collection" Nail Vinyls

The instagram nail community is a beautiful one. Although Sunday is known by many as Self Care Sunday, It is known by many more as "Dani Sundays" - by Danielle of @creatively_danielle (pictured below). Inspired by her friend, Joanna Howland, Dani Sundays officially started in December of 2016 & has grown gradually ever since.

This vinyl duo is made in collaboration with Danielle, the proclaimed Rose Queen herself in honor of Self Care, Self Love, & Friendship.

After knowing Dani for a while & seeing how passionate we both were about nails & the friends attached to them, accepting her collab proposal was almost automatic! It is the Rose Queen who suggested it, after all. 🙌🏼 Who could say no?

Going off of that, let's start on this new duo! I pondered long on what to design that exuberated Dani & her legacy all over it. Then it came to me. To match her everlasting title & status quo is "Rose Queen".

Rose Queen is made up of rosette type roses, leaves, & various crown shapes. Fitting & perfect.

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If you're an existing Dani Sundays participant or just a passerby, you instantly grab the fact that Dani always ends her posts with a Tip of the Day. Which brings our next vinyl, "Dani's T.O.D."

Dani's T.O.D. is reminiscent of a vintage diary awaiting for your newest journal entry to fill it's pages. Adorned with three roses on the upper left corner, this vinyl is one of a kind.

These amazing vinyls are available now for $3.50 each. Every sheet comes with 12 vinyls.

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Words from the Rose Queen herself:

• • • •
"How did I become the Rose Queen? You know I ask myself the same question 🙈🌹Yes those are carnations garnishing my towel. (Pictured above). They reminded me of a rose crown.
Well here are the Rosy deets:
I didn’t see nails as just that. Even the word grated on my nerves. Say it and see. 🙈🌹 So I thought up an endearing term for them and what is more iconic than a rose? It is found in the most reknowned poems, metaphors, and similes. It’s meaning crosses cultural boundaries. It was the epitome of how I felt about my nails...they were beautiful roses. So I substituted the word nails for roses. Many began calling me Rose Queen like 🌹@budding_nailartist, others called me Diamond girl like @imanafig 💕🌹
and as Dani Sundays blossomed into something bigger than @creatively_danielle I made a post and asked if I should be The Rose Queen. Well you all were thrilled and so many said yes. That’s how I officially became The Rose Queen. You all brought that title to life & I haven’t looked back.
It’s more than just rose care! It’s about kindness, love, and supporting one another. All roses are beautiful & all roses can bloom and flourish with a little love and sometimes, in my opinion, a little push and learning that something new. 🥰🌹❤️
We all have beautiful roses, and This Rose Queen hopes that through her trial and error that I bring that something new to help your roses flourish and blossom to their maximum potential and beyond!"

See more of Dani over on Instagram @Dani.Sundays or at @Creatively_Danielle

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